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Funky Time Statistics and Analysis

SymbolPicture in playNumber of positions
NUMBER 1funky time statistic - 128
P.L.A.Yfunky time statistic - pfunky time statistic - lfunky time statistic - afunky time statistic - y2 for each letter
F.U.N.Kfunky time statistic - ffunky time statistic - ufunky time statistic - nfunky time statistic - k2 for each letter
T.I.M.Efunky time statistic - tfunky time statistic - ifunky time statistic - mfunky time statistic - e2 for each letter
BARfunky time statistic - bar6
DISCOfunky time statistic - disco3
STAYIN’ ALIVEfunky time statistic - stayin alive2
DISCO V.I.P.funky time statistic - disco vip1

The odds of the symbols

Understanding the odds of various symbols is the key to successful gaming. Unfortunately, the exact odds depend on the internal algorithms of the game, which often remain a trade secret of the developers. However, we can make some assumptions based on the available data. Generally, the more positions a symbol has on the playing field, the more likely it is to fall out.

funky time stats
SymbolNumber of positionsPercentage of dropEstimated odds
NUMBER 12843.75%High
Letter from the word P.L.A.Y812.5%Average
Letter from the word F.U.N.K812.5%Average
Letter from the word T.I.M.E812.5%Average
DISCO V.I.P11.5625%Low

When playing Funky Time, you should consider the statistics of the symbols. It’s important to remember that this is a game of chance, and despite any strategy, the outcome is largely determined by chance.

To summarise, Funky Time offers a unique combination of fun and excitement. Understanding statistics and probabilities can help you optimise your game and increase your chances of winning.

Funky Time spin statistics

Our team has been collecting statistics on Funky Time game spins since its launch. The game’s spin history shows the total percentage of symbols in the game. You can see the statistics in this table:

Date of statistic update: 04/04/2024

SymbolPicture in playLanding numberLanding rate
NUMBER 1funky time statistic - 1962243.92%
Pfunky time statistic - p7303.33%
Lfunky time statistic - l6442.94%
Afunky time statistic - a7873.59%
Yfunky time statistic - y4822.2%
Ffunky time statistic - f6803.1%
Ufunky time statistic - u8073.68%
Nfunky time statistic - n5102.32%
Kfunky time statistic - k7633.48%
Tfunky time statistic - t7283.32%
Ifunky time statistic - i6893.14%
Mfunky time statistic - m7273.31%
Efunky time statistic - e7443.39%
BARfunky time statistic - bar21089.62%
DISCOfunky time statistic - disco9694.42%
STAYIN’ ALIVEfunky time statistic - stayin alive6673.04%
DISCO V.I.P.funky time statistic - disco vip2681.22%
*Collection statistics may have some measurement error

Online casino statistics

Extensive statistics are available at online casinos to help you better understand the dynamics of the game and possibly allow you to build more thoughtful betting strategies. Here are some of the data that is usually available for viewing:

  1. Betting time: Shows when a bet was placed. This can be useful for understanding the active and quiet periods in the game.
  2. Amount of stake: The amount of money the player has staked. This betting information can help you judge which bets are likely to bring in the highest winnings.
  3. Player nickname: Some casinos show the nicknames of the players along with their betting statistics, which helps create more publicity and competition between players.
  4. Gain Stake Multiplier: This number shows by how many times the player’s initial stake has increased after winning. This can be useful for understanding the potential of the different bets.
  5. Winnings: The amount the player has won. This can be useful to understand which bets often give big winnings.
  6. Bet currency: The currency in which the bet was placed. In some casinos, players may bet in different currencies and this can be shown in the stats.
Funky Time Players Stats
Funky Time Championship

Remember that statistics are a general tool and do not guarantee winnings. Always play responsibly and with your financial means in mind.


Funky Time Evolution is a game full of fun and unpredictability. The potential for big winnings lies in every spin, making every game session exciting. Studying the game’s statistics and understanding the odds of different symbols falling out can help you strategize better and increase your enjoyment of the game.

But it is important to remember that despite all the strategy and planning, the game is still a game of chance. The key here is to have fun and enjoy the game. Remember to play responsibly and don’t bet more than you’re willing to lose.

Funky Time is a great opportunity to relax, unwind and maybe even win big. Play smart, enjoy the process and may luck always be with you!

I hope this article helps you better understand the statistics and mechanics of Funky Time. Always remember that the most important thing in the game is fun and enjoyment. Good luck on your way to big winnings!


What is the probability of each symbol appearing in Funky Time?

The probability varies based on the number of positions for each symbol. For example, the NUMBER 1 symbol has a 43.75% chance of appearing, while the DISCO V.I.P symbol only has a 1.5625% chance.

How do the statistics of Funky Time inform my betting strategy?

Understanding the statistics can help you make informed decisions about when and how much to bet. For instance, knowing the odds of each symbol can help you predict the potential returns of your bet.

What does the distribution of bet sizes tell me about Funky Time gameplay?

The distribution of bet sizes can provide insight into the risk level that most players are comfortable with. Large bets might indicate a high-risk, high-reward strategy, while small bets might indicate a more conservative approach.

How do the odds of Funky Time compare to other casino games?

The odds in Funky Time, like in any casino game, are designed to give the house a slight edge. The exact comparison would depend on the specific games in question.

What time is the most active for placing bets in Funky Time?

This information would be specific to each casino and could be influenced by factors such as the time zone of the majority of players.

What is the average multiplier won in Funky Time Evolution?

This would depend on the specific game statistics, which may vary between different gaming sessions and casinos.

Are there any patterns to wins and losses in Funky Time?

Casino games are designed to be random. Any patterns that appear are likely due to chance and not predictive of future outcomes.

How can I use these statistics to improve my chances of winning in Funky Time?

Understanding the game’s statistics can help inform your betting strategy, but it doesn’t guarantee success. Remember, casino games are games of chance.

Where else can I find up-to-date, real-time statistics for Funky Time?

Real-time statistics can typically be found on the casino’s website or through their customer service. Some online forums or gambling advice websites may also provide statistics.

What strategies are other players using in Funky Time based on these statistics?

This would vary greatly between players. Some may choose to bet more on symbols with higher odds, while others may take a more balanced approach. Always remember to gamble responsibly and within your means.

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